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Artist painting with watercolors Claire Bull


When I was a girl, my favorite time of day was when I was allowed to draw, paint and design. As I got older, this love never faded and I have studied and created art in many ways all of my life. I have been an artist and creative person all of my life and have many originals, prints and decor items available.

Colorful art on canvas and wood in varying stages of completion and some of the supplies Claire Bull


I use many different mediums for my Art and Design including Acrylic paint, watercolor, mixed media and photography. I am now involved in creating Custom Fashion Designs for Unisex Clothing, Pillows, Home Decor and gift items. As a creative artist, I love to use my imagination and enjoy intuitive painting. Floral art, landscapes, whimsical art, abstract art and different styles but it is always colorful and positive.

Soft Kimono Robe with circles of color for sale as a Unisex fashion design by Claire Bull


I enjoy nature and flowers and many of my pieces are influenced by my walks and memories of my gardens. I love creating intuitively, "feeling" the art and using my imagination. Collage, pretty papers, words and music are all influences on my art. Sometimes I dream about something and wake up to paint it, although it never turns out the way it was in the dream. The dream itself was the inspiration. Those paintings become clothing, pillows, bags, leggings and wall art all over the world with different design elements added to them.

This Robe was originally a Rooster! Click the Robe to go see this design. Or the entire clothing, home decor line from this one Rooster painting.

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